Minnesota Flag Proposal from JD Makepeace

Recent contact with Jonathan Makepeace regarding his Vermont State flag design yielded a greeting and a present– his own design for a new Minnesota State flag:

Dear Minnesotans et al.,

Having recently received email from people trying to replace the state flag https://newmnflag.com/ , I decided to toss my attached proposal
into the ring.

Makepeace proposal for Minnesota

The state takes its name from the Minnesota River. The name
“Minnesota” means sky-tinted or slightly cloudy (sota) water (minne) in the Dakota language. This morning I was reading a poem that referred to something reflecting on water and this flag proposal popped into my head. Water is central to Minnesota’s identity, and the design is meant to simultaneously evoke the sky reflecting on water, cloudy water, flowing water, and, more generally, progress.

It’s also up on the Web.

Critiques are welcome.




~ by psi07 on 13 February 2008.

One Response to “Minnesota Flag Proposal from JD Makepeace”

  1. If I can be honest, this flag really reminds me of the German state of Bavaria.

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